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About Us

Manek Plastics Pvt. Ltd.

—Set up in 1989 as manufacturer of industrial goods
—Started with production of clock parts, washing machine parts, contact lens cases
—Job work for Mutual Steel Industries
—In 1999 Mr. B K Gandhi took charge of the company
—Developed new businesses with significant emphasis on expansion of activities
—Key focus of product development and marketing activities
—Today Manek Plastics is present across a wide variety of plastic products catering to various industries including computer products


Director’s Profile

—Manek Plastics is headed by Mr. B K Gandhi, a seasoned industrialist with over 25 years experience in the plastic industry
—Mr. Gandhi, aged 44, is a graduate in Commerce with vast technical know-how and practical experience
—He started his career with Mutual Industries Ltd in 1986, gradually building his knowledge base over the next few years
—In 1991, he migrated to Noida and took independent charge of Paradise Plastics Enterprise Limited
—Under his leadership, PPEL expanded its business by over 10 times in a span of 7-8 years
—In 1999, he moved back to Mumbai and held the reigns of Manek Plastics Pvt. Ltd. and brought forth tremendous business growth using innovative production and product marketing techniques